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Expansion Jointing
Supplied with or without the popularly known tear off strip we manufacture joint filler in the semi closed and closed cell foams. There is a 30 density, 70 density, 100 density and 200 density in the closed cell foams and then just the 30 density in the grey semi closed cell material.


Most popularly supplied in a 10mm x 20mm x 10 meters with the adhesive on the one side at a price of R 0,53 per meter in a lower 18 density and then R 0,61 per meter for the grey 20 density.


Pipe Insulation
We manufacture pipe insulation for the refrigeration and plumbing industries out of a completely closed cell polyethylene foam with or without or ziplok application. Manufactured in 2m lengths from a 3/8 inch to 4 1/8 out of a standard black material.


Backing Cord
From 6mm in 200 meter rolls to 50mm in 50 meter rolls we extrude the backing cord out of the grey semi closed cell foam also used for joint filler.

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